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Welcome to Tramburg, a fictive city somewhere in the middle of Germany.

It's the largest city in the region and home to a major public transport network reaching far into its neighbouring towns Deuna, Neustadt and Freilassing.

At the center of this route is TVB tram line 3. In about 80 minutes of total travelling time, this  line connects Tramburg-Braunsdorf with the city center, the old town, Wenzelberg disctrict and Robert-Daum-Platz before leaving Tramburg and heading through the fields towards Niederfinow and Neustadt-Gonnesweiler.
This route covers many aspects of modern tram infrastructure, such as regio trams, underground sections and elevated sections of track.

In addition to the route of line 3, a section of line 5 towards the main depot and the section towards Dreiringplatz used by lines 7 and 12 are included.

This route was the debut project of Mika K. starting development in 2014. It is far behind the capabilities of today. Part of that is also due to the fact that almost exclusively objects from PTP2 and its Add-ons have been used in the making of Tramburg. This makes it the only German tram route specifically for PTP2.

For the reasons of nostalgia and since PTP2 still serves a tiny niche playerbase, this route continues to be available as a free download for everyone who wants to give it a try.


Download via TrainzDE