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As you may have noticed, nbsplus.de has been unavailable for a few hours after technical issues which required us to restore the website from a backup. In the process some thumbnails have been lost so you might see a few placeholders across the site, but we have already patched the majority of those cases. Furthermore, the publishing dates to some articles were changed during the data reimport and so have their URLs. This however only affects 4 pages on our site.

No data was lost, any placeholders you might see or missing file pages you might hit can be restored manually. Please report to us if you find any things missing or appearing incorrectly.

Any other of our services besides the website (this includes sending emails to us) are not affected by this.

We are pretty sure that we have identified the cause of the technical problem and have taken the nessescary steps to ensure that it either doesn't happen again in the future or that, if it does, we can speed up the backup process further to restore the site with only a few minutes disruption and no missing thumbnails.

Your NBSPlus-Team.