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This is a summary of the fourth Q&A Stream about TSW2 from the 31st of July, 2020.
This summary was written by Nina and Mika from the Train Sim Community Discord Server. This has been transferred from the old system and exists here merely for completion sake. No other edits have been made to the article.


  1. Why is NEC not coming to Preserved Collection?
    The locomotives were built with an old system and are not being upgraded due to the work associated with it.


Route Selection

  1. How does DTG choose a route?
    Interested employees look at requests and licensing. The routes are then shortly presented internally and looked at. The routes are rated after production time, which loco DLC could come in future and how unique and interesting it is compared to other content. 
  2. Does only branded content come to TSW2?
    Everything needs to be licensed. 
  3. Why are there only routes from the same three countries?
    The dev team knows a lot about the systems from those countries and knowledge on signalling, safety systems, etc. is existent. (Scenery) assets can be re-used on routes, thus saving time for development. 
  4. What impact do suggestions have?
    Suggested routes are being looked at. If a route is liked by the community it has a higher priority in the selection process.
  5. Why is SKA not any longer?
    Routes aren’t longer due to the time it takes to build them. It doesn’t only depend on how long a route is, but also on how many stations need to be modelled for example. DTG is trying to enhance their tools to create longer routes faster.
  6. Do consoles impact route length?
    Consoles are not the reason for shorter routes.
  7. What is the maximal route length?
    DTG hasn’t tested it out and so they don’t know.
  8. If a route was longer, would they charge more money for it?
    No. They’d only charge more if the work involved was higher.
  9. Are route extensions possible?
    Technically, it’s possible. Signalling isn’t working as expected though. But the biggest problem is the gameplay. How would the game choose the correct service mode, for example. But those problems can be solved.
  10. So, why isn’t DTG making extensions then?
    At the moment, they’re focusing on creating more diverse content. 
  11. Why was the Bakerloo Line chosen and not any other?
    All lines were considered and looked at and the signalling system used on the Bakerloo Line is easier to program than most others. It’s also more interesting, as the trains don’t drive themselves. The route also only has 25 stations, so DTG don’t have to model too many stations as that takes a lot of time.
  12. Does the number of stations have a lot of impact on the selection process?
    The number of stations and the complexity of them, together with the route length are important factors.
  13. Were sound recordings and references possible?
    Yes. References could be made, for example sound recordings were possible and information on the train itself could be given. 
  14. Is the Bakerloo Line the entire line?
    Yes. Elephant & Castle to Harrow & Wealdstone, including sidings and two depots.
  15. Is Kilburn High Road station included?
  16. How is the WCML included?
    Just visually represented. No AI trains and you can’t put trains on it in the Scenario Planner.
  17. Where can I go in free roam?
    Above ground, the borders are, like before, at fences and exits. You can’t walk through the tunnels in the underground section.
  18. Do gaps in the third rail exist?
    Attempts have been made to include gapping where it happens IRL.
  19. Are both styles of destination screens on the tube stock included?
    No. Only the current era destination display style with one line of text will be included in the game.
  20. Will the trains spark?
    No. The devs responsible for lighting were focused on the lighting in the tunnel sections, including stations.
  21. Is the trailer work in progress?
    Yes, it was recorded two weeks ago.Since then, the lighting team already made changes again.
  22. How is the speed control system implemented?
    Just visually, but not functional.
  23. Which safety systems are included?
    The deadman’s handle is included, but that’s the only real system on the tube train?
  24. How does the deadman’s handle work?
    It was automatically be pressed down, but you can release it manually to cause an emergency brake.
  25. Do you get more points for playing with safety systems?
  26. Which braking systems are included?
    The rheostatic brakes and the Westinghouse brakes.

    [VIDEO OF THE CAB AT https://youtu.be/LtDVpR15f9U?t=3663]


  1. Are the platform mirrors at stations working?
    Yes and no at the same time. They work with a reflection technique that sometimes causes the train to disappear when looking at it at certain angles.
  2. Do the external camera modes work in the tunnels?
    Not at all. The cameras have been disabled. At stations, the buttons for the cameras will turn into a headout position to look at the platform.
  3. How many scenarios are included?
    5 scenarios, 1 tutorial. The scenarios are made like a sequence. You first drive out the depot, then up and down the route and end the day in a siding.
  4. How many timetable services are included?
    Around 200. That’s not the real timetable and DTG might release an overhauled timetable in-game later.
  5. How often would a train arrive at a station?
    Every 10 minutes or so.
  6. Why is there a limitation for timetables?
    The planning of the day for the individual trains is too complex. Because the route is fully enclosed, the entire workday of a train has to be planned through from start to finish, which is a tedious process..
  7. Is the sound atmosphere realistic?
    Yes, a lot of clacking and wheel flange will be played.
  8. Are announcements included?
  9. What about passengers?
    There are too few, but they’re standing in the carriages.
    DTG wants to overhaul the passenger system in the coming months. More variety and more passengers. It will be included in the roadmap. 
  10. What about PIS screens?
    [VIDEOS AT https://youtu.be/LtDVpR15f9U?t=5045]
    A dev team was free and wanted to do the PIS screens, so they did it. It wasn’t planned at the beginning. They are working and shows the time until the next train. But it doesn’t include delays and only shows the planned times.
  11. Will PIS screens be included on all routes in TSW2 at release?
    No. But now they’ve got the tech behind it, they want to use it on any future routes where possible.