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This is a summary of the third Q&A Stream about TSW2 from the 16th of July, 2020.
This summary was written by Nina and Mika from the Train Sim Community Discord Server.. This has been transferred from the old system and exists here merely for completion sake. No other edits have been made to the article.

  1. Why was the launch date moved back?

Based on community feedback it was decided that Preserved Collection content should work with the Scenario Planner, and the release date was moved back to allow some extra time for that

  1. What does the route include?

The route goes from Aachen to Köln (Cologne) central station. Köln-Deutz is not included but the famous Hohenzollernbrücke will be visible

  1. Will the route contain Aachen West yard?

No, but a depot will be included

  1. Is the depot used in Timetable Mode?

There will be tutorials in the depot, but it will only see a few services in timetable mode.

  1. What time is the route set in?

The current time

  1. Why this route?

Highspeed route with ICE trains, not too long, not too short. Large variety in terms of traffic and thus a good foundation for future high speed routes. The maximum speed on this route will be 250km/h

  1. How was the route produced during lockdown?

Online data and the help from local experts living close to the route have been used

  1. Will there be low FPS when driving at a high speed?

No. The objects near the route were optimized so generally the game should run better than before to provide a high speed experience “at least as good” as low speed

  1. New features for the ICE3?

LZB and the fact you can sit right behind a large window behind the driver. A button that makes the window opaque is also functional.

  1. LZB?

LZB (cab signalling) is simulated to allow secure travel at high speeds at which signals can’t be read properly anymore. When combined with AFB, the train can essentially drive itself.

  1. Other changes to safety systems?

Improvements on AFB and slight bug fixes for PZB

  1. Tutorials for safety systems?


  1. Has wheel motion blur been addressed?

No. It can be turned off on PC, the option has been added to the settings screen. Can not be turned off on console for now. It is generally planned to be added at some point.

==Rolling Stock==

  1. What trains are included?

BR 406 ICE3M and BR 442 “Talent 2” in red, 4-car version (Rapid Transit had the 3-car version)

  1. What trains from other DLCs will be used

When MSB becomes available on Preserved Collection, RE trains and freight will be made available using rolling stock from that DLC. When RRO becomes available, freight and S-Bahn will be made available using rolling stock from that DLC.

  1. Will double ICE3 consists be used in service mode?


  1. Will rolling stock from new DLCs be made available for the route?

No guarantee if it’ll come into service mode, but you can just put the trains in yourself using Scenario Planner

  1. Will there be variations on the Talent 2 consists?

It will always use the 4-car version, but a double-unit consist will also be in use

  1. What changes have been made to the Talent 2?

The train has been upgraded to the new standards, a 4th coach was added, small details (different doors, different door ramps) added, wheelslip protection, correct generation of train running numbers, destination screens

  1. VIDEO OF THE NEW DESTINATION DISPLAYS on the Talent 2 and ICE 3 00:38:00
  2. What changes have been made to destination screens?

They can now show via stations as a scrolling list

  1. Will this new system make future integrations easily?

Yes. Retrofitting new technology on old content is extremely unlikely though.

  1. Sound updates?

New sounds have been recorded for the Talent 2

==Scenarios and Timetable==

  1. How many scenarios and timetable services?

49 ICE 3 and Talent 2 services (according to the realistic tabletable from January)
110 Services with MSB (adds RE1 and freight)
161 Services with RRO (freight with MRCE 185 and container wagons and S-Bahn)
None of those are in the first or second package of Preserved Content packs.

  1. Which services does the ICE3 run?

Brussels Midi - Frankfurt (Main) HBF, in game you can drive non-stop between Aachen and Köln on timetable mode, and wherever you want using Scenario Planner
==Scenario Planner==

  1. Will Scenario Planner work with Preserved Collection Content?

Yes. It works both ways. TSW2 trains can be put on Preserved Collection routes, and Preserved Collection trains can be put on TSW2 routes. And obviously Preserved Collection trains on Preserved Collection routes.

The main limitation with which train works on what route will be that the length of the train must fit the marker you want to spawn it on.

  1. Can you make “there and back” scenarios?

No. Only Point A to Point B scenarios can be made.

  1. Can I set my own path?

No. You can pick from preset paths. DTG tries to provide a large variety of premade paths to choose from, but you can not make custom ones.

  1. How many different paths will Aachen - Köln include?

Paths will be included for every main service (ICE, RE, S-Bahn). This is about 7 or 8 paths through the entire line with different platforms. Trains can start and end anywhere on those paths.

  1. How many scenarios can be saved?

30 per route. This is a storage space limitation, especially on consoles.

  1. Are there static trains already parked in Scenario Planner?

No, the world is empty when making a new scenario.

  1. What happens to trains after they finish their schedule?

They’ll stay wherever they are. It is thus possible to program trains to not start for an hour and thus they would theoretically appear as “static stock” despite static rolling stock not really being supported.

  1. Can scenarios be saved as templates and reused later?

No. Every scenario is a thing on its own.

  1. What is “Off the Rails” Mode?

Every train can be spawned on every route

  3. Can scenarios be saved?


  1. Can saved scenarios be opened and edited again later?


  1. Can scenarios be shared?

There is no official sharing feature, but no restrictions have been put in place and so it’ll likely be possible to find the save files themselves and send them to other players