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This is a summary of the Q&A Livestream regarding Train Sim World 2 written by Nina and Mika from the Train Sim World Community Discord Server.
This has been transferred from the old system and exists here merely for completion sake. No other edits have been made to the article.

  1. Why SPG in TSW 2?

It was the first route for TSW back in the day, it was the only route that never made it to console. Console players really wanted to get that experience.

  1. What’s an example for the evolution?

You won’t see that much. But the route has got new distant foliage for hills. 

  1. Why wasn’t SPG on consoles before?

The old system for landscape materials was too much for consoles to handle. 

  1. Will the update to SPG come to TSW2020?

No. The new techniques require the engine update.

  1. Is SPG a preserved collection route?

No, it will be an overhauled route for TSW2.

  1. Will SPG have the same content in TSW2?

Yes, all gameplay content and the all yards and branches will be included. There are more things added to it and improved though. A new journey mode has been added. New journey modes will be set up differently to replicate a “career” mode, so the player gains route experience bit after bit.

  1. What’s so special about the trees in SPG?

Trees had an optimization where the scenery looks the same, but the game performs better

  1. Do we get information before starting a service about how long/heavy a train will be?

Yes. At the start, there will be a pop-up which shows vital information like which train you’re driving, how many wagons you have, etc.

  1. What about the GP-40?

Information on that will be in a later Q&A, when things are more certain for DTG to mention.

  1.  Have the locos been changes/upgraded?

DTG changed some start-up sequences for the locos. Generally, locos on SPG are now how DTG would make locos currently. They look the same as before, but work and perform better. Screens in the AC4400 have been improved. 

  1. In the original SPG, manifest trains would use random cars in the consist. How is it in TSW2?

On average, people didn’t like that. Formations would look odd and cars weren’t loaded. All of the stock on SPG now has weight calculations. That means there will be a consistent variety of formations and no random formations anymore.

  1. How long are the trains?

Long consists on consoles are now 40+ cars long. That means around 5,200 ton heavy trains. On PC, consists will be “slightly longer”.

  1. Are there changes to coupling?


  1. Will the locos be up to TSW2 standards?


  1. How do the helper locos work?

Helpers are locos that couple up to the rear of a train to help it going up the grade. Locos couple on at Cumberland, couple off at Sandpatch Summit and then go down again as a light loco move.


  1. Are we going to see three/four locos in heavier consists?

While most services in service mode will have 2 locomotives at the front, some will also additionally have 2 at the back while other trains have 3 or 4 locomotives up front.

  1. Are there going to be more services for the AC4400?

Yes. It will be drivable for most services.

  1. Has the sound been reworked?

There has been a partial sound engine upgrade. Reverb effects should be better now. Loco sounds are the same as before, albeit remixed.

  1. What are the possibilities with the scenario planner?

No switching, only A to B. Helper locos can be set up in formations. You can’t put down static stocks in sidings, etc.







By default, the scenario planner will only let you put down trains that are appropriate (electric trains on electric routes only, etc). There’s a tickbox that removes that limitation. It overrides the power option and you can drive every train type on every route type.







20. Are longer trains possible now, in general?

Yes, Simugraph has been optimized for consoles and that enables longer train formations.

  1. What’s the level of flexibility of using the livery editor?

You can have a variety of liveries for the waggons. The game can use those randomly on separate cars.

  1. How is the new UI going to help on SPG?

With the statistic pop-up (see 8), you can have more insight into what you’re hauling. The pause screen has been added an overview screen that shows all relevant information (where you are, where to go, when to be there, vital information).

  1. What about variable adhesion?

It removes the grip. Particularly in wet or snowy conditions, the train will slip and slide on the rails. Wheel slip protection has been added to trains. If you’re slipping too much the wheels will begin to spark. Sanding works for many situations, but not all. Sand will not have visual or audible representation in the game. Locos have unlimited sand.

  1. Does adhesion change the way braking works?

Braking characteristics have been reworked and it’ll be harder to brake.

  1. Can adhesion be turned off?

Not currently. This may be added based on user feedback.

  1. How many scenarios are included?

Eight. Same as before.

  1. How many timetable services are included?

65. Cumberland Terminal now has switching, helper locos are included, more variety for services.

  1. Are cold starts included in service mode?

No, because the AI can’t start locos properly yet.

  1. Will there be services using the hump yard?

No, the hump yard will not be used for humping because the hump yard at Cumberland Terminal is no longer in use in reality.

  1. Has the switching service been redesigned in Cumberland?

Yes, there are more than 10 switching services. “Cumberland is quite busy now”.

  1. Is there more to coal mine trains?

Coal services are now more realistic, for example now running around the train to get to the mine for loading.