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Its been a while... and what a while it has been!

We announced our new website over 2 months ago, and we've spent much time in parallel to our other productions to set up this new website for you. As of today, we're happy to finally show our work to the world!
Much of what you can see had already been around on an older server which was cheaper for us, but as we noticed during testing, also dreadfully slow. When we recently got the option to move all of our projects over to a way more powerful server, we decided to delay the launch of our website a little bit further to give you as good of a first-time experience as we possibly can. I mean, who would've wanted to check out the new fancy-dancy website when it comes live only to be greeted by 10 second loading times for individual pages when multiple people tried accessing it at the same time?

With this we are finally nearing the end of our ambitious service expansion, although we're not quite there yet. While the website is live now, we will continue to add more content to it over the coming weeks (after all, the hub is still a bit empty right now) and finalize integrating it with our other services including the Central Station Discord Server.

Speaking of which, we hope to bring more life to again with our restructure and redesign, so if you're interested in Trains, Trams, Busses or even Trucks (well, what has wheels and drives around, basically) then feel free to drop by and say hi! We're all a friendly bunch there.

Railroad Junctions

Until then... Have fun checking out our new website and always a safe journey.
Stay healthy,
Your NBSPlus-Team