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Welcome to the NBSPlus Hub,

your main page for all things about your favourite simulators!


The Hub is our collection point for all kinds of News about various games and is mainly focussed on content created by other creators. Our own creations are seperately announced on our website and specifically marked.

Besides News, we also offer a "Mods" section where we give you a broad selection of freeware content made by other developers for your favourite games, carefully tested and hand-picked by us. Quick links to the download pages are provided for you to get going easily. Please note that any content hosted elsewhere is out of our control.

When enlisting downloads on this suggestion list, we have a few criteria. For example, a mod must be

  • Installable and usable by users with little experience (is either self-explainantory or has a well-written manual supplied)
  • of at least average quality compared to other freeware content for the same game
  • providing a fun and interesting or useful addition to the game
  • virus-free


We are looking into extending further into providing a "suggested payware" category on the Hub in which we will provide an easily browsable list for payware DLCs (by other creators, not us) that our content team has deemed to be of good quality. In determining that, we judge content based on its price and what it has to offer, its the conveniency of use and realism where applicable and will provide a little summary of our judgement that helps you decide if a piece of content could be interesting for you. It's a bit like Steam reviews... just without the angry people ranting in the about! (on the other hand you must accept the fact that judgement can never be complete objective, but we will provide understandable explainations of why we have judged something a certain way, leaving it up to you to agree or disagree with our content team)

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