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The first one to ever see a simulator, the Pennsylvania Railroad's class H6, H6sa, and H6sb steam locomotives were of the 2-8-0 "Consolidation" freight type, the most numerous class on the railroad with 2,032 units, and the second most prolific 2-8-0 class in North America, with the USATC S160 class rostering 88 units more. Class H6 were used throughout the system as mainline freight haulers, on local freights, and as switchers in yards. They were frequently seen double- and tripleheading long freight trains up the steep grades on the Pennsy. During the period when the PRR was building the H-6 class, the railroad had effective stock control of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and installed a PRR vice-president Leonor F. Loree, as president of the B&O. Subsequently, the B&O bought a large group of identical locomotives from the American Locomotive Company; these were initially classified class I-4, later becoming class E-24. The E-24 class had many variations, some being converted to switchers, or receiving superheaters and new valve chests. The E-24a was equivalent to the PRR H-6sb.

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